Persistent transformation
that goes beyond
the conventional wisdom of hotels.


We redefine the style of hotel stay, offering
a guest experience unlike anywhere in the world.


We founded Nest Hotel Japan Corporation in 2013, believing that we can add solid value to travelers by being unique among various kinds of hotels in Japan and in the world. We respect distinct personality of our team members as well as that of each hotel and its neighborhood. Our members are energized to demonstrate their hospitality and passion. Each hotel has different design and concept.

Our goal is to be a truly professional team by pursuing comfort and enjoyment to our guests. As a challenger, we aim to grow every moment by moving fast and encouraging our staff to make as many as trials.

I believe you can find something you really like and make your trip more memorable by staying with us.

Ataru Kawachi, Representative Director, Nest Hotel Japan Corporation


Name Nest Hotel Japan Corporation
Head Office Shimbashi Marine Bldg 8F, 2-19-10 Shimbashi,
Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0004 Japan
Established February 15, 2013
Representative Ataru Kawachi, Representative Director
Business Operation, management and consulting of hotels, resorts and restaurants
Employees 352 as of October 31, 2018
Hotels under operation

bespoke hotel

  • bespoke hotel kyoto *, 2020
  • bespoke hotel sapporo *, 2020
*provisional name